The Sun Sign

The Sun Horoscope – The Zodiac meaning

Astrology is a fascinating subject that has been studied for centuries.

The Sun Sign
The Sun Sign

At its core, it is the interpretation of the movements of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, and how they relate to life on Earth reflected in a reading. The Zodiac, which means “circle of animals” in Greek, was developed in Ancient Mesopotamia and is based on the observation that the Sun takes 12 lunar cycles (months) to return to its original position.

12 Zodiac Signs

The zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each with its own personality traits, and is used to prepare charts and read horoscopes. There are two main zodiacal systems: the Sidereal system, which is based on the constellations of fixed stars, and the Tropical system, which is based on the relationship to the tropics. The Modern Zodiac, which is used today, is based on the Tropical system and does not match the constellations.

Astrology has evolved over time, and the horoscope has developed from simply recognizing the East to reading full charts and understanding Sun Sign forecasts. Horoscopes can now be used for personal readings, business, cities, and even nations. The interpretation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and much more of a place and date can be defined by a horoscope.

Carl Jung

The psychologist Carl Jung brought the theories and interest of astrology to the world of science whilst studying the collective unconscious. Believing that ancient history had bearing on shaping our attitudes, and used the horoscope in ways to encourage greater understanding between himself and his patients.

Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity has also been introduced in more recent times, which suggests that there is a meaningful coincidence (his work on synchronicity) between patterns on the map and certain events that occur at the same time, without a casual relationship between the two.

Types of Astrology

There are several different types of astrology, including Electional, Decumbiture, Esoteric, Financial, Horary, Local Space, Medical, Mundane, Psychological, Rectification, Sun Sign, Synastry, and Vedic. Each type focuses on a specific aspect of astrology and can be used to answer different types of questions or provide different types of insights.

In conclusion, I find Astrology to be a rich and complex subject that has evolved over time and encompasses many different types of interpretations and applications. It is a fascinating study that can provide insight into our lives, our relationships, our businesses and the world around us.

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