Your Character born 21st December

Zodiac in December

Western astrology your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer.

What is December 21st birthday Character?- Passionate Idealist

Born between 18th & 24th are people born on the Cusp of Prophecy. They have a strong will and great determination that will always take them to success

Virtues of a Zodiac of December 21st Birthday

Capricorns born closer to the Sagittarius cusp are freer in self-expression and have, according to Weiss, “a bit of fire in their hearts.”

They tend to be dedicated, honorable and very resourceful.

But with Sagittarian within your tendencies to be forceful and intimidating are always present.

How YOUR birthday today represents Planetary Influences

Ruling Planet: Jupiter and Saturn

Third Decan: Personal planet is Sun

Compatible with April 20, June 7

Who’s birthday today December 21

  • Anna Bulbrook
  • Carla Thomas
  • Jane Fonda
  • Jane Kaczmarek

The Career chosen by Sagittarian born December 21

With your incredible need to assist society with a social focus on assisting in a material manner you will succeed as a Teacher, Polititian and a charity worker.

Growing into a vigorious individual that has a major concern to assist society and connect with all those around you will direct you to a career creating solutions to what you see as failings or building projects offering technical solutions.

How Zodiac signs – Sagittarian – are described.

Ruled by Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is known as the planet of for wisdom, spirituality, wealth, and learning.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a person who tends to be honest, and direct. This position in life will ensure that they approach problems head-on and deal with them effectively, not being scared of an amount of conflict. They organize effectively in areas that interest them, always getting the job done efficiently.

Is today your birthday?

Strong determination outways any fears on failure or lack of success when you decide on a subject to sink your teeth into. Idealogical conviction is often seen as authoritarian or selfish rather than the way in which you feel about the subject. Your ability to acheive and complete the project will benefit all around you but the need to tolerate your dogmatic attitude leaves many feeling disgrunted.

Your ability to build respect occurs easily from those around you with your ability to achieve and dominate, often leading to a career in politics or however that same pursuit of ambitions can risk you losing those around you just ask quickly. Approach with respect and think before you order! Take the time to understand those around you and the best way in which you can maintain your status but have others feel complete also.

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