Success strategy with Astrology

Why are you the way that you are?

Discover you and how you are, who you are and what success strategy of astrology can deliver.

Understanding how the success strategy with astrology not only shows you – what is your horoscope for today but delivers enlightenment to the day and a positive spin on where your thoughts can be channeled.

Using the horoscope had been a regular practise over the years, I want to use it to assist you in your financial ventures. Whether that be just to get your budget in order or create your financial wellness success strategy the positive traits of Astrology.

Take the time to understand how the House(s) of Astrology play roles in your decisions and the capabilities you hold to successfully travel a world of financial mindfulness without stress is what I believe to be the guidance you need to get you to the next level of positivity and financial wellness!

Guidance towards the success strategy.

Many years before the introduction of making money online, the Kings & Queens of the world have been turning to the stars to seek guidance to create their wealth.

We are all aware that astrology is far more than just studying the sun signs in the daily paper.  To get right down and dirty into your personality and the traits you bear due to the stars we will need to create your birthchart.  This creates your cosmic blueprint and defines all the important zones of your life including what we seek here – Your business success and guidance with the decisions you wish to make.

I can create and read your chart but let’s visit a stronger influence to print off your chart – I have discovered this great site and believe that their Natal Chart research gives us a very strong blueprint print off. We will then follow the printed (PDF format is easier to read) for guidance and cover the 12 houses of your astrology that define the significant areas of your life.  Once you have your PDF Natal Chart, Join us a here to discuss further and delve deeply into each house and your life past, present and future.

Zodiac Houses create success strategies

Its quite a crazy thing the Zodiac – most think it to be a superstition that we read daily, but sadly do not take notice or direction from its daily structure and often guidance. I, like you believe that astrology published in the local paper or monthly mag is not exactly what you would take seriously! To fully understand yourself and what the universe has set for you is not just mystical but so very enlightening!

Create the mindfulness to your positive day

Just think.. You don’t have to recreate your world day after day you just have the opportunity to take guidance from that that has been set down for you and follow the suggested paths. Whether you are seeking guidance about a relationship, the feeling of self worth – affirmation, money – growing your wealth, career- are you a self starter or better to work for someone, spirituality – inner soul or religion, home – happiness with a partner or your financial situation and of course health – how we feel about our self image is of great importance and all setup in our Natal charts to read and use to our advantage!

Location of the planets at birth

Success with Astrology

The locations of the planets at the moment of your birth and as you read them throughout your life, can give you valuable insights—an example would be if Jupiter (the planet of luck) was in your second house (which rules finances) at the time you were born, then the opportunity of making money could come easier to you. 

We show here a list of the traditional astrological ruling planets of the natural horoscope, it starts with Aries on the cusp of the first house. The characteristics of each house for both personal (see Keywords noted on each house) and financial astrology have been included for you to understand. Let’s look at the success strategy for astrology.

House in Astrology success strategies

 1st House in Astrology:

Aries and Mars. The Rising sign or all essential Ascendant tends to govern what you actually look like and how others see you.  This can affect how your potential customers see you or and how you portray business objectives. So think First House – First Impression.  Other “firsts” would be new beginnings & leadership as the house is ruled by Aries.

Keywords: Physical self, personality, motivation, well-being

2nd House in Astrology:

Taurus and Venus. More about what you value on a practical level like Liquid assets, and earnings. It is about your potential to be successful and your general relationship with your belongings and assets. Being ruled by Taurus covers your self-esteem and your immediate physical environment. The provinve of resourcefulness, steady and slow progress and stability.

Keywords: Possessions, earning abilities, self-esteem

3rd House in Astrology:

Gemini and Mercury. Your attitude, intellect, and communications are vital in this House.  Great representation here would be:  talking, texting, emailing, Instagram Stories, and similar Social correspondence. the House of family tribe, neighbourly exchanges, short travels, education and the relations with competitors, friends, family, some advertising, and financial and trade relations with adjacent countries.

Keywords: Siblings, transport, environment, early education

4th House in Astrology:

Cancer and the Moon. This house is all about your home and your family, including where you came from not just who you are now, the arena of ancestral roots, Mother, sense of home, uncounscious and family. Privacy and security play major roles in this House. Real estate investment and holdings, tangible assets of a corporation, direct competition play a role in the business side of life.

Keywords: Home and family, foundations of life

5th House in Astrology:

Leo and the Sun. this is the house to watch out for!  The arena of Love affairs, creativity, sex drive, fertility – related to children, self expression, dating, romance, fun, loving life & attention, and let’s not leave out drama! On a business level Speculation, income from capital, the place of deposit of capital such as safes, vaults, and banks all play part of this House.

Keywords: Risk-taking, creativity, fun, romance, children

6th House in Astrology:

Virgo and Mercury. Every day motions and decisions. This house controls your daily routines, schedules and any daily act that you do religiously.  On a business side it can be the schedules of workers or employees, work to be done and equipment, work schedules, inventories, corporation contacts with parties.  This House is strong to show you your physical health and habits. The arena of diet, daily work and excercise within a fulfilled and healthy life. 

Keywords: Routine work, health, diet

7th House in Astrology:

Libra and Venus. Partnerships, tenor and even lessons of major relationships with other organizations, sales appeal. In Business mapping out trading volumes like how much stock is being bought, public accounting, trade agreements, mergers, lawsuits and legal affairs, competitors, and their activities, it is all about partnerships – who you like and how you relate to them. Personal includes your best friends and your life partner, friendships and marriage.

 Keywords: Primary relationships, partnerships

8th House in Astrology:

Scorpio and Pluto. Investors’ money, credits, international/business finance, losses or gains due to demise of the corporation, financial responsibilities, private conferences. : inheritances, taxes and not to highlight debt.  On the fun side of life, it also controls orgasms and birth and the not-so-fun how you feel about death. It is the arena of regeneration by sex as well as personal rebirth and death periods.

Keywords: Joint resources, investments, inheritance, sex, death

9th House in Astrology:

Sagittarius and Jupiter. The House of seeking knowledge, exploring, traveling and reflecting on higher learning, ethics, and vision, your view on how you see the world incorporating such topics as learning a new language or exploring religion and philosophy.  In business the completion of contracts, legal affairs, audits, activities abroad, insurance, shipping, philosophy of the company, long-distance communications, publicity, and public relations, officials.

Keywords: Higher education, long-distance travel, philosophy, religion, law, ideals

10th House in Astrology:

Capricorn and Saturn. This is the highest point in a chart, where recognition of your career ambitions, achievements and purpose are required. So, your personal authority like honours, awards, fame, and any recognition on social media all fall into this House! The public image of a company, president or chairman of the board, general business conditions, relations with government and associations, and administrative department.

Keywords: Reputation, career, social responsibilities, ambitions

11th House in Astrology:

Aquarius and Uranus. This house is all about how we get to where we are, networks, collective currents and friendships.  Your life’s calling or that of your organisation.  Corporate allies, long-range goals of the organization, completion of projects, goodwill, and intangible assets; humanitarian actions, and concerns are well looked after here.

Keywords: Goals, groups, friends

12th House in Astrology:

Pisces and Neptune. Mental and spiritual health are very prevalent here, research and development, business trade secrets and formulas, the formation of your mental developmental experiences start here and create the imagination and what it can do to create businesses. It is the House of hidden realitities.

Keywords: Seclusion, institutions, escapism, faith

As you can see studying the sign can allow great insight and guidance on your chosen success approach.

But there are more layers to your cosmic blueprint! Check out how to obtain your personal Natal Chart here!

A natal chart reading can give you even more insights as obviously not every 10th house Sagittarian will choose the same career path. Get yours today and then visit us here to discuss in our facebook group or private message here.

Which house is financial?

Taking the time to explore the second layer of your 10th house. This will bring you closer to your financial wellness and the decisions you will want to make to understand your path to success.

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