A type personality – Let’s tell you which star signs are!

What does a Type A personality do?

 There are 4 categories people are grouped into, they are known as the director, the socializer, the thinker, and the supporter. For ease of describing, we refer to those personality types as A, B, C, and D, respectively.

The phrase “Type A” refers to a pattern of behavior and personality associated with high achievement, competitiveness, and impatience, among other characteristics. In particular, the positive traits of a Type A personality include Self-controlMotivation to achieve results. So the perfect personality to be successful with their finances!

Individuals are categorised into their specific types by ways of showing distinct characteristics and this is where I believe the star signs come into play!

If you have studied the signs you will see the specific styles of personality each sign has, obviously the Natal Chart shows you more in-depth research into why you are as you are but no matter how you view the charts these characteristics show through. Psychology has its own style of definition (often referred to within the Myer-Briggs personality test) but all in all, they really do match up with specific Zodiac Signs.

-Type A individuals are aggressive, ambitious, controlling, highly competitive, preoccupied with status, workaholics, hostile, and lack patience.

-On the opposite side of the spectrum, Type B people tend to be relaxed, less stressed, flexible, emotional and expressive, with a laid-back attitude to life and all around them.

-Where as The type C personality can be best described as someone who strives to be accurate, rational and using logic to plan outcomes 

-The “distressed” personality is type D, tending to be more negative with their emotions but stay quiet and not showing these emotions from fear of rejection or disapproval.

-And lastly is “X”, defined by a blend of more than one type of personality.

Which Zodiac signs are Type A personality?

Aries, Leo, Virgo, And Capricorn. all have the characteristics shown in this personality type. On the chart, they are exactly the opposite of a Type B personality, who tends to be more patient, laid-back, down-to-earth, and accepting of whatever happens to them in life.

How does an A type personality make money?

Having this type of personality, you show patterns of behavior and personality associated with being a high achiever, competitive in nature, and very often impatient, these are among several other characteristics. One in which is a very positive trait of a Type A personality and that is self-control with the motivation to achieve results in every aspect of their life. As we mentioned above the star signs that are prodominately showing these signs are:

Zodiac in Aries with an A Type Personality

Aries A type Personality

Of all the zodiac signs there really isn’t one that is more motivated to achieve their life’s dreams and hopes. being so motivated with the desire to reach their goals and aspirations of life. Being second in the race will never suffice the zodiac Aries sign and they will do whatever is necessary to achieve their end goal with whatever means they require.

They will be the leader that tries the most obscure tactics to ensure they achieve their end goal: Success!

Zodiac in Leo with an A Type Personality

Leo A type Personality

The proud mane of the lion is exactly why it was chosen as to signify A Leo in the zodiac. Leo definitely shines when all eyes are upon them. Their desire in life is to be most adored and admired for their actions and will ensure they reach the levels they set in achievement to be exactly that! Action takers they are and they will make it happen. Always proud to be the center of attention and put themselves out there to achieve the necessary end game. This Type A would certainly be the best videos on Tiktok – I bet they are all mostly Leo!

Zodiac in Virgo with an A Type Personality

Virgo A type Personality

Being organized and explicitly completing each step to requirements is definitely a Virgo, everything must be in order. The financial success of this Zodiac in Virgo comes from their expectations of having everything completed to absolute perfection; nothing less. If this was to mean drawing out the complete Sales funnel and then preparing all the email sequences ready then this is your sign for complete organization and planning! Extra work would not be a problem and they will always be relied upon to go that extra mile! If this sign is not you and you are looking for the perfect business partner then this is defiantly the Type A Zodiac sign to match up with!

Zodiac in Capricorn with an A Type Personality

Capricorn A type Personality

When the characteristic of being ambitious is referred to it is definitely this zodiac sign that wins hands down.

Time has not factored in the planning and organizing of a project for a Capricorn. When their mind is set on achieving a goal, nothing will distract them from achieving it. The best plans are those that are carefully and strategically laid out and here is the major strength of this A-type personality they will do what is necessary to prepare to ensure their dreams can unfold. The characteristic example would be – Capricorn is capable of achieving anything they set their mind to as they will never give up, they will continue until they achieve.

Capricorn Zodiac are reflective of a personality that acheives and looks forward to what opportunities are available. Creating your own side hustle may very well be exactly what you as an A type is looking for! Join us here to find out more of how that could be your next concentration!

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